Windows tidbits: chapter 2

This series focuses on the various impacts the underlying operating system can have on your OL Connect implementation. This chapter explores some of the effects of upgrading your version of Windows. Read more →


Multi-Tasking 2: Parallel Processing Presets

The OL Connect Server can handle a lot of requests at the same time. To make it seamless and smooth, it delegates tasks to… Read more →


OL Connect 2021.2 – What’s new?

Better and Smarter! The second release for 2021, scheduled for mid-November, fixes over 100 issues, from trivial to critical, and introduces many enhancements in… Read more →


Conditional design elements

When creating personalized documents one often needs to make decisions based on data. A common example is showing/hiding one or more paragraphs depending on… Read more →


Windows tidbits: chapter 1

Whether you like it or not, there’s no denying that the world runs on Windows. And Windows, just like any other application, evolves over… Read more →


Multi-Tasking 1: Engines

The OL Connect Server manages engines that extract data, create web pages, emails and print output, in addition to handling other requests. These operations… Read more →


Dynamic section backgrounds

Creating document variants based on data and a collection of pre-produced designs is a typical variable data printing scenario. These could be brochures with… Read more →