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Dynamic Section Backgrounds

Creating document variants based on data and a collection of pre-produced designs is a typical variable data printing scenario. These could be brochures with… Read more →

OL Connect 2019.2

Conditional print sections

A classic approach to dynamically switch messages is to enable or disable sections for printing. OL Connect’s Designer contains a basic condition wizard and… Read more →

OL Connect 2021.1

Conditional design elements

When creating personalized documents one often needs to make decisions based on data. A common example is showing/hiding one or more paragraphs depending on… Read more →

OL Connect 2021.1

OL Connect 2020.2 New features summary

A more secure, efficient and cloud-aware technology with performance improvements for PReS Connect. With changes to the licensing to enable more parallel processing, the… Read more →

OL Connect 2020.2