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Add a cover sheet to a document with multiple pages

Hi everybody,

I am a beginner and hope someone can help me in the right direction.

I have created a simple workflow in Connect Workflow where I get data from an XML file which then generates personal postcards with variable PDF backgrounds in A5 format and the imposition is four postcards on each SRA3 sheet.

Now I wonder if it is possible to create a cover sheet in SRA3 format that places itself first in the PDF document generated in the workflow? I would also like to include some information on the cover sheet from the root node in the XML file.

Do I need to create two design templates in Connect Designer, one for the postcards and one for the cover sheet? Can I merge two design templates in Connect Workflow into one PDF document? If this is possible, how do I set it up in the workflow?

This would be what we call a Commingling job. Effectively, yes, you’ll need two templates. They’ll be executed separately and merged together. I had a more in-depth write-up on it here that should get you going: Commingling Workflow examples