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Add Crop Marks to different position than the size of the template

I have a template that I want to add crop marks to in my output PDF. However, I want to add them so they are slightly smaller than the size of the template. For instance, if my template is 8in x 11in, I would want the crop marks to be 7.5in x 10.5in in the output PDF. I have adjusted the sample page and the imposition sheet in the imposition options of the output preset but it doesn’t affect the actual placement of the crop marks. Below is a screenshot of the imposition options I’m choosing. I saw in a previous thread that altering the Horizontal and Vertical Gaps would help, but it looks like it only works for multiple up impositions. Mine is a 1up output.

Thank you,

Hi @TSled,

I assume that you would like to add a bleed (1) to the by PReS Connect generated output, can you please confirm if this is correct? You can do this by executing the following steps:

  1. Right click on the name of a Print Context Section to which you would like to apply this setting.
  2. Select the option “Properties”.
  3. Change the Bleed settings

(1) Bleed:

“The bleed is the printable space around a page. It can be used on some printers to ensure that no unprinted edges occur in the final trimmed document. Note: Printers that can’t print a bleed, will misinterpret this setting. Set the bleed to zero to avoid this.”

Source: ‘Pages - PReS Connect 2022.1 User Guide (link)’

Hi Marten,
Thank you for the info, I explored that part of the documentation too. However, bleed doesn’t work here because adding bleed doesn’t shrink where the crop marks will go nor does it expand the existing template. This is how my job is setup: I have a template which uses the media (virtual stationary) as the background image. The virtual stationary is the exact size as the template size. I just want to be able to trim .125in off around the edges. Based on your answer, it doesn’t seem like I can move the crop marks the way I’d like to. So I think the only way for me to actually do this is to enlarge the input PDF, add bleed, adjust all images and boxes (there are over 40) and get new placement approval from our client.

I don’t think there is a simple way to do this. Can a feature like this be put into a future release?

Thank you,

Based on the information shared so far I assume that you will have to make sure that the Size (1) and Bleed (2) properties of your Print Context Section needs to be the same size in total as the width and height of the applied (PDF) background image.

(1) Size: Width and Height
(2) Bleed: Top, Bottom, Left/Inside, Right/Outside