Add option in preferences to always open associated DataMapper


I noticed that I always open the associated DataMapper when opening an existing template - because it normally doesn’t make sense to edit a template without having a corresponding DataMapper.

So: why not have an option in the preferences to automate this?



Hello Thomas,

Actually, if you have a template that has been saved after a data mapping configuration, it should retain its link to that configuration and ask you to open it upon opening the template. Sometimes this does not work, I’m not sure under which circumstances. Please note, however, that because it is possible to have multiple data mapping configurations used with the same template, or multiple template using a single configuration, we do not establish a 1-1 relationship between them. So, while it’s supposed to ask you to load the configuration, it will never do so without asking, because you might already have one open that fits the data model of the new template.

Hope this explains things better!