Add option to always show Box - frames

I am using Boxes frequently and I also know about the option “Show Edges”, but what I’d like to have is another option that always shows a the boxes frame as a thin line.

When adding a new Box and clicking somewhere else, the box is completely invisible. This is very confusing.

Alternatively, make the “Show Edges”-Option persistent with a global setting - currently (v1.1) this one is reset for every new Template.

Hi Thomas,

There’s no way to turn these on in a persistent way, I’ll make a feature request for this as a preference in a future version of Connect. This definitely won’t make it in 1.2, but might possibly be available in 1.3 if the request is accepted.


A workaround would be adding the following CSS rule to one of your stylesheet files. It adds a red outline around your <div> elements. Note you would have to repeat that for every template you are working on:

.DESIGN div:not(.__ol__dontquery) {
    outline: 1px dotted red;

Thanks for the hint - I will try this when working the next time with many DIVs.

Is it right that the “.DESIGN” will prevent the outline beeing printed in production?

Correct. The Designer sets View and Context Type specific classes to the <html> element. These classes can be used to apply formatting that is only visible for that context and/or when viewed in a specif mode.

The View classes are:


The Context classes are:

  • .PRINT
  • .WEB

In your example the :not(.__ol__dontquery) prevents the style being applied to helper divs (like resize grippers) used by the application.