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Add record from detail table into master page


I would like to use 1 record like MyNumber from detail table on my master page.

How Can i do this?

It needs to be changed for each page

Thank You

Hello @Odyn,

A option you might want to consider is to add an extra Extraction step or an extra field to an existing Extraction step on the Data Mapping Configuration side and to extract the specific detail table record field by this Extraction step and use the field on your Template side by drag-and-dropping it from from within the Data Model pane onto the specific Maser Page when viewing the Template via the Designer application and having both the Data Mapping Configuration and Template files opened via the Designer application.

Please let us know if you were able to solve your question by doing so or if you have any question or need any information or help in regards to your question.

As of 2023.2 you can drag a detail field directly to a section or master page, as long as “evaluate Handlebars expressions” is enabled in the section properties.

This is just a convenient way to produce a full path, like {{detailTable[0].fieldName}}.

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