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Add "Treat as Integer" option to Set Job Infos and Variables plugin

It would be nice to be able to check an option that treats a value as a mathematical expression in the Set Job Infos and Variables plugin

%{iCount} = %{iCount}+1

For example there are times when I need to advance a count in multiple variables and with the Mathematical Operations plug-in only one can be done at a time.

I suppose the other option is to support multiple values within the Mathematical Operations plug-in.

In the mean time, and I am sure you thought of it :wink: , you can simply do this in a script. This way you can manipulate as many variables as you want using the language of your choice.

Yes, a script would be my choice instead of a bunch of objects. This customer is a not very experienced with scripting and tries to avoid them. It’s making me wonder if this is a good task to use the SDK and build an interface for a script.