Add validator to Attributes-Panel for "ID"- and "CLASS"-textfields

beeing not a web developer, unfortunately I often make simple mistakes when it comes to HTML and CSS…:frowning:

One of the things is, that I first write a new script in designer and copy the value of the selector into the clipboard to paste it into the corresponding textfield for the “CLASS” or the “ID” in the “Attributes”-panel.

This fails, because in HTML the value for the “ID”- and “CLASS”-Attributes must not start with “#” or “.”, but the copied selector does have one of these prefixes.

So, I’d wish a validator for both fields that reminds me, that the “#” or “.” must be removed for the attribute-value.



Been there, done that. I will suggest validation for ID, Classes, and the selector box in Scripts. Thank you for your feedback.