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Adding Blank Pages to make Duplex - PDF Input


I have a job where I’m getting PDF input along with a XML index file. Some of the PDF’s will be simplex but I need to make everything duplex so I need to add a blank page between each page on the simplex PDF’s. Whats the best way to go about this?




Sorry didn’t make myself clear. My XML file will have a flag for simplex or duplex but everything will be printed duplex, so if a record comes in where the data says simplex I need to add a blank after each page so it only puts the pages on the front.


That is exactly what this option does. Duplex will be duplex and simplex will be duplex with a blank back.

That will only do it for the last sheet.

For example if I have a 3 page PDF, I want the output to be 6 pages:

Input Page 1
Input Page 2
Input Page 3

and within the same run I may have some duplex records that don’t need this doing so need to be able to do on a record by record basis

Not only last but also any simplex page

Ah right so how do I set if a pack is simplex or duplex then?

You dont have to, it will auto-detect the simplex pages


I don’t see how it will know as the document could be 2 pages but it needs outputting as 4 pages. Within 1 run I could have a 2 page simplex and 2 page duplex pack and would need to output as:

1 - Duplex PDF Page 1
2 - Duplex PDF Page 2
3 - Simplex Page 1
4 - Blank
5 - Simplex Page 2
6 - Blank

If that makes sense?