Adding inserter barcodes to supplied pdf - cover sheet problems

I have a supplied multi-record PDF that includes a cover page with information about the document. I also have a csv which includes the mailing address, and the page range in the PDF for each record. I need to add barcodes for our inserter to confirm set integrity. I think I have it all set with the exception of the cover sheet adding +1 to my sheet count for the first record, which will cause the inserter to include it in the first envelope.

I currently have a separate print print context for the cover sheet that gets output when record index is 1. I don’t really care about the barcode on the cover sheet. That gets pulled off before the job is fed to the inserter. I imagine that as soon as I figure out how to separate the cover sheet from the actual document for the sake of counting pages, I’m going to the need to figure out how to reset the document counter so that the cover sheet isn’t “set 1”.

I appreciate any pointers to documentation or posts that’ll help me sort this out. Typing through it above, maybe I’ll go have a look at not turning on the barcode until I pass the cover sheet…

Hello @jmdornbos,

Does the multi-record PDF include multiple cover pages or just a single one which is always the first page? If so, then I assume that an option is to remove the first page from the PDF file before processing it by OL Connect.

The multi-record PDF has a single cover page that’s always the first page. I ended up making a template to process the cover page then another template which ignores the cover page and processes the rest of the pages and adds it on to the cover page PDF.

Since I have both simplex and duplex documents that I need to handle, I now have 4 templates where I had hoped to only have 1.

You could remove the coversheet by using the Alambic API through a Run Script to remove before processing and to add back before sending to the printer.

If you go that route, you’ll want to check at the following function in the API:

  • Open
  • Save
  • Close
  • ExtractTo
  • Delete
  • InsertFrom2