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Adding Inserting barcoding on PDFs

I have a client with a rather large print job that has to be printed in a few days so I’m looking for a faster method to do this:

Given one (1) PDF file per envelope, I need to add an inserting barcode of form XXYYZZZZZZ (where X is Page number, Y is number of pages in set, and Z is set number with leading zeroes) to each of the PDF pages (accounting for duplexing, and adding blank pages where needed). (This is similar to the setup in [Issue Creating 2D Barcode for Neopost Inserter http://Issue Creating 2D Barcode for Neopost Inserter, but we’re using Workflow 8 and PP7 for designer.

We’ve been doing this for customers for several years now, so I have the logic in place, but the actual processing of this to an output PDF takes a long time. I have hundreds of thousands of pieces to generate, so finding a faster way is absolutely worth it.

Is there a faster way to do this? No matter what I do in Workflow, it never seems to take more than 30% of the processor, which means, theoretically, I could be getting multiples faster, right?

For PlanetPress Suite 7, you should be posting in this forum: PlanetPress Suite 7 - Objectif Lune Tech Support Self Help

Indeed, if it were a design issue, but this is concerning PP Workflow 8.

I found the solution: Self-replicating processing. (That’s a terrible name that sounds like a virus, as a matter of feedback.) For the first time in 20 years of using this software, we turned that on and, in the course of one shift turned all the data that would have taken 40 hours without that.

Seriously: a lifesaver. Thank you.