Additional Barcode Simplex and Duplex Issues

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Have this issue doing a barcode, originally the team at OL setup this basic output creation for me to enable it.

It comes as 4 different components inside the additional content section



Condition: (document.count.pages==1) && ( == 1)



Condition: document.count.pages>1 && == document.count.pages



Condition: (document.count.pages>1) && ( < document.count.pages)&&(!=1)



Condition: (document.count.pages>1) && ( == 1)

Now the issue is, it works fine for simplex printing, but as soon as it becomes a duplex, it will print both on the front and the back, is there something I can do to make it only add the barcode and it keeps the above sequence only on front facing pages… eg page 1, Page 3,

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Well, first thing, you’re probably going to have to change out some of the page/pages references for sheet/sheets. So instead of counting sides of the paper (pages) you’re counting whole sheets of paper instead.


Finally, in your conditions, you could add that it must also be the front (or back) of the page for it to allow it to print:

(document.count.sheets>1) && ( == 1) && (page.front)


(document.count.sheets>1) && ( == 1) && (page.back)

This is just meant to give you a rough idea of how to do this. You’ll have to experiment a bit and test to make sure you’re getting the results that you’re after.

You could even keep your rules in place and add conditions to them to check for simplex/duplex to apply the right sets of rules. You’d use sheet.duplex or sheet.simplex for this.

You’ll find many more variables you can make use of here as well: