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Additional spaces in DataMapper fields

In PReS datamapper when extracting field using “Mode: Location” I got some additional spaces in field value, not present in original text.
Same happens when using JavaScript extraction.


However, in workflow I can read the text properly using data location.

PReS Connect version: 2018.2.1.54383
(Same thing happen in PlanetPress Connect v. 2019.2.0.61422)

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Workflow and DataMapper use slightly different methods to extract data from PDF files, which is why there are sometimes discrepancies between the results.

To fix your issue, you’ll have to tweak the PDF extraction parameters for this PDF. In the Input Data tab of the DataMapper, there are 2 values that should help you control its behavior for this specific issue: Word spacing and Magic number. Try making small changes to those values and check the results over many pages. Adjust the values until all extracted text is properly formatted.

See the online documentation for more information about those parameters.

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I’ve tried changing those values, as well as line spacing. Eventually, I found the right combination, it seems to be working now.

Thank you very much.