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After PDF Splitter one page more than the input file

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to correctly split one PDF file into multiple files based on Barcode scan task. I have different page size invoices in PDF file. This is my process, first on Forlder Capture -> Barcode Scan (Barcode types to detect – Code 128, Barcode orientations – Left to right, Settings Process by – File and check checkbox Delete existing metadata) next on PDF Splitter ( Split medhod - Split PDF file based on Metadata, Metadata level – Data page, The following rule – Sequencing criteria, Split before, Rule – Barcode_1_Value Contains .). some files are incorretly spliting. Example input file on 47 invoices, but sent to folder 48 invoices. My question is - Why seldom input page count does not equal to Send To Folder count?

To help you properly we would need to see the Template and reproduce the issue. I suggest you open a technical support ticket through our website.

Thanks for the reply.
Maybe I can send pictures. the process is very simple.
The input file has two barcodes at the top of the page. One is the contract number, the other is email. Both have the symbol “.”.


Without the data file and the Workflow process to reproduce the issue, I cannot dig further in your issue. I can’t either reproduce the issue and test a possible fix or workaround. Could be that there is a syntax error somewhere.

My previous suggestion stand.

My understanding is that you will not change the order of a document with metadata alone. In order to use metadata to reorder the original file you must create a PP Design template which uses the original PDF as the page background, tag the print pages with the relevant metadata and then recompile and output a final document.

Actually, if re-ordering the PDF is the only goal, you do not need a Template. Simply have the PDF go through the Barcode scan plugin and you will obtain a basic metadata of 1 document with as many datapage as there is in your PDF. Also, any barcode read will be added as a field in the metadata.

Then, using Metadata Fields Management plugin you can create fields holding extracting values from your PDF pages.

Following that you can setup the Metadata Sorter.

Once done, use the Create PDF where the Document will be passthrough (none). This will regenerate your PDF in the order setup in your metadata file.

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@hamelj Quite right. It was late when I was posting this and forgot you could just use a passthrough. :+1:

I want to split original PDF file by barcode into multiple files, and each split file can be single or multi page.

For example, I have 51 documents in a PDF, Barcode Scan always finds the number of documents correctly, but here are the options:

  • if everything is one-sided then after Metadata Sequencer will be 52;
  • if all documents are multi - page, then correct 51;
  • but if the last document is one - page, then there will be 52;

Why is it dependent on the last page?

It should be, if there are for example 51 documents in the PDF file, then after splitting, 51 PDF files should be obtained