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All details extraction into a master record


I would like to have all details of my records into one master record details table.
My source is text file and I don’t know how to force to put datas into the master record (first).


Hi @Herve_Heritier,

I suppose that you first have to make sure that you will have one record for the entire data source file. You can do this by selecting the Trigger option “On delimiter” (Boundaries) and by selecting the Page delimiter option “On lines” and unchecking the option “Cut on number of lines” (Input Data).

That’s right.
But I have difficulty to browse it with action goto and use steps.currentposition to use data.extract.

You’re having difficulties by using the Goto and Action Steps? Can you please let us know what kind of difficulties you’re facing currently?

Here a sample file.
XL210730.txt (8.5 KB)

Common datas for details, (javascript extraction before details) :

Details :

The goal is to put common datas into each details and generate all details of file into one details table of master record.

I’ll try severals solutions by loop action without results


I’m unable to loop on “Facture a” goto action. Like a loop until found “Facture a”.

Let me recap the issue for my understanding.
All the addresses, account number, etc…are the same throughout the file and you whish to have all the detail infos (lines that start with a date) together in a single detail table?

If so, look at the attached example:

This is a actually very simple to achieve. You need to use the Goto step’s Next occurrence of method and set it to look for a Regular Expression pattern in the first 10 columns of the page:


This will match any date with the format 99/99/9999

You set your Repeat step to loop until no more elements, and you use the same Goto step inside the loop.

Here’s the DM config: AllDetailsInMasterRecord.OL-datamapper (5.0 KB)

Thank you for your help, I found solution :

DM Config : Edi Tx2 1.OL-datamapper (6.2 KB)


Final solution for DM config with grouping invoice by customers :

Edi Tx2 1.OL-datamapper (6.3 KB)


Now I can work on template :slight_smile: I mean have trouble to put dynamic table into another dynamic table (nested) :wink: