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All-In-One REST API - Output Preset automation variables not used

Hi Gang,

I’m hoping there is an easy fix for this as the time saved per thread in our customer’s performance based Workflow is massive on average when swapping an All-In-One step for the REST API calls when datamappers/templates/presets have been previously uploaded to the filestore.

However, when calling the output presets that have been uploaded, none of the automation variables within the output preset are taken into account and substituted for current values from the Workflow. This seems to be regardless of whether you upload the preset to the filestore before or after a value has been assigned to a Job Info variable.

Is there a way I can overcome this as %9 is coding for a vast amount of printer hostnames when the data is sent via LPR.

Thanks for any help!

Belated reply:

All REST API calls that expect a JSON Identifier structure can include JobInfos. For instance:

	"identifier": "25653",
	"ProcessInformations": {
		"ProcessName": "Process1",
		"OriginalFilename": "7_SampleData.txt",
		"TaskIndex": 2,
		"JobInfos": {
			"JobInfo1": "Some information",
			"JobInfo2": "Some other information",
			"JobInfo3": "",
			"JobInfo4": "",
			"JobInfo5": "",
			"JobInfo6": "",
			"JobInfo7": "",
			"JobInfo8": "",
			"JobInfo9": ""

Thanks, Phil.

Fortunately managed to sort this one out myself since then but hopefully it helps someone else out!

Kind Regards,