Amchart fixed width/bar/gaps?


Im scouring the internet for help about this one.

Take my bar chart above, they are two same chart. But when the x value labels have 5 digits in them. The chart seems to shift in position/width (as you can see the red line as a guide).

I have set the columnWidth to a fixed number but still the same. The width of the bar chart changes based on the value. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Why cant it just make the bars width unaffected by the labels text and just push the text to the left side instead.
Hope that make sense.

thanks for any advice or suggestions.

Kind regards


I have solved this after hours of searching.

To prevent the width of the plot area from shifting.


> [chart].minMarginLeft = value

This will give the valueAxis labels room to grow without affecting the position of the plot area.

Thank you