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Any update on the new version?

Hi, the latest version is released about 11 months ago. Any info on new version release date?
I would like to begin testing the new environment and it would be better to start with the new version if its release date is soon.

Hi Darkovuj,

Thanks for reaching out. We are working on a 0.9.7 release. This comes with several new OL Connect nodes and of course some improvements. In addition we will publish a package for Files and Folders related tasks like: folder capture and folder listing and a separate sendgrid package to send content created using the email content node via the Sendgrid email service. No exact eta yet but it is likely to arrive in Jan '23.


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Hi Darkovuj,

Wanted to share a few quick updates on our Node-RED packages. We’ve published an update for our OL Connect nodes (0.9.7). In addition, we’ve introduced a package to send personalized email content via sendgrid and a package to handle files system tasks such as folder capture and folder listing. See the highlights below.

You can install/update these packages from the Manage palette option in Node-RED. Search for: @objectif-lune.


OL Connect nodes 0.9.7


  • New document mapping and template info nodes
  • All in one and paginated output have an option to download and store the result in msg.payload (optional). This makes adding an additional file download node redundant.
  • Runtime parameters support is added for the paginated content node

OL Files and Folders nodes 0.9.7


This files and folders package contains nodes to perform common file system related tasks like triggering a flow when a new file arrives or list the files in a specific folder.

  • Introduced the folder capture and folder listing nodes

Note: Requires Node.js 14 or later.

OL Sendgrid node 0.9.7


  • The sendgrid node sends pre-rendered email content, created by the email content node of the OL Connect package for Node-RED, via the SendGrid service for bulk processing. This task uses SendGrid’s v3 Web API which is faster than sending email over SMTP