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ApplicationException: encoding is full (8,191 entries)

I am receiving the following error:

An unspecified error occurred which was caused by LoggedApplicationException: There was an error running the output creation process caused by There was an error initiating to the output creation process caused by ApplicationException: encoding is full (8,191 entries) (SRV000041) (SRV000001)

I have narrowed this error down to a group of 15 records, in a test data file I have created, but it seems like if I remove a record from the beginning or end of the data set it no longer occurs.

The data is filled pretty heavily with UTF-8 characters, which I assume is at the heart of the issue, but I am not sure how to resolve this considering the Designer is supposed to support utf-8

That error is only raised if a limit is exceeded while the output engine is encoding a font.

Not sure if I’m understanding the code correctly, this is really not my area, but I get the impression that the maximum number of unique glyphs per font is set to 8192. If you’re not using that many unique glyphs perhaps there’s a bug somewhere. I would recommend opening a support ticket so that this can be investigated further.

is that limit a Planet Press limit? and additionally, is it per “output creation” or per pdf output, etc

I am processing user-generated content in multiple languages, so while this test circumstance is definitely pushing the limit of what I would normally expect, I want to ensure I can avoid this crashing production runs.

It’s not brand-specific, it’s a limit in the output engine in Connect. Other than that I’m afraid I don’t know. Perhaps someone else will chime in, but I think your best bet would be to open a support ticket.

I encountered the same issue and it was fixed by using the “Always create CID fonts (best compatibility)” option in the output preset