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Authentification with Connect

We have recently deployed a basic web based solution which allows each user to manage the documents they have created in a basic web dashboard.

Now the company is moving towards obtaining various ISO certification and it is now a requirement to add an authentification mechanism in front of the dashboard.

Users are required to login with their Microsoft Active Directory account before they can now view and manage their documents.

I know the Workflow NodeJS Server preference has a setting for allowing users to login before the process is run. This presents the user with a basic and default web interface which the company doesn’t want to use as it doesn’t meet the company ‘s look and feel.

The company has provided their own fully styled html snippet for the login page. The snippet works really well in a Connect template but we have issues integrating it with the NodeJS authentification mechanism of Workflow.

We have spent 3 days so far and are nowhere near being able to send the user login details to AD using their custom personalised and styled login page. Managing user sessions become a real challenge.

Does OL have a guide one can follow to integrate a login page designed in Connect work with a company’s Active Directory LDAP?

Many thanks in advance for any help and guidance.

The default login.ejs and login-successful.ejs files served by the NodeJS Server input are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Objectif Lune\ppnode\src\html.

You can replace them (after backing them up, of course!) with your own HTML code, you simply have to make minor adjustments to integrate the <%=user%>, <%=msg%> and <%=temp%> variables that the NodeJS Server automatically passes to the login.ejs template.

Take a look at the original files, you should be able to quickly figure where each variable goes inside the HTML file generated by Connect.