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Auto text size in position box

Is there a way to auto size a text in a position box ?

If I place an image i an position box - the width or height can be set to auto.
Can something similar be done with text.

Normally fonts are controlled by the pt size, and if a string is to long it just wrapped to the next line.
But in this case it is a sign with only room for 1 line.
Either the font should be set up/down in size or the character spacing should be controlled depending on how long the string is.

Found this while searching on the web.

Why dont you use the integrated function for that div box? There you can set the minimum and maximum font size. Set a very high maximum font size and your text will be increased to fill the box and if the text does not fit in the box it will automatically reduce the font size.

I looks like a briliant idear - do you have an example on such an integrated function ?

Copy Fit sounds like what you’re looking for.