Please let me know if the following phenomena are possible.
In OLC Automate, does not work.

When there are 3 types of input PDFs and the handling is changed according to the conditions

OLC could handle correctly both the filename and the character extraction in the PDF,
But OLC Automate, the former did not work. The latter is OK.
There are many cases where the decision is based on the file name, so if there is a way to deal with this, I would appreciate it if you could tell me.
The WF I am testing this time is as attached.

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Not sure if I understood the question correctly. But here is several ways to perform a text condition based on a string. In the following example I used the ‘change’ node and set the ‘contains’ option to test the string in msg.payload. You can use this to direct the message to a branch. Not sure if this is what you are looking for.

There are additional options like using regex or JSONata expressions but this are prob a bit more technical. You could also handle this in a function node, but this requires JavaScript knowledge.

Hi Erik

Thank you for Reply

Node-Red seems to be able to recognize the three files, but it appears that the filenames are not recognized on the Datamapper side.
OLC’s WF is able to do this, so I think it may be a problem between Node-Red and Datamapper.

I’ll dive into that, don’t think this parameter is automatically populated today and could require an extra step (something we should fix in an oncoming version).

I had to go through a few hoops but this is how I fixed it using a function node. It basically populates msg.parameters with the special “fixed runtime parameters” like OriginalFilename and ProcessName. See the images below.

To simplify things I added the ‘path’ module in the ‘Setup’ tab of the function node. This provides a simple method to extract the basename from the full path in msg.payload.

We will add support for these fixed runtime parameters in a future version of the OL Connect nodes so they are provided automatically to the DataMapper engine.


PS. It is not needed to add these parameters to the Parameters panel in the data mapping configuration.




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Thank you very much.
It worked perfectly.
I am looking forward to seeing the various features added.

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