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(Background) Image in dynamic table


we want to display a remittance carrier in one column in each row of a detailed table.
We will offer our customers a remittance carrier for each payment on a payment plan.

Therefore we want to use a detailed table, because of the automated page-break.
How can solve this in the easiest way.

I have started with detailed table, but when I display the image in a table cell, it does not fit in the cell.

Hello @NBecker,

Can you please share the entire HTML code of the <table>-element as it is shown in Source mode?

Can you also let us know please if the image make part of the value of the detail table record field?

Do you have an example of the desired end result?

Sorry for my late answer, i have solved this problem in this week, by using the following code in detailed table field $BETRAG$:

    var dtUe = "<div style=\"position:relative\" >";
        dtUe +=	"<img src=\"images/SEPA_Überweisung_ohneLinie_DE.jpg\" width=\"480\">";
        dtUe += "<div style=\"position:absolute; top:60px; left:25px;\">" + txt_1 + "</div>"; 
        dtUe += "<div style=\"position:absolute; top:90px; left:25px;\">" + txt_2 + "</div>"; 
        dtUe += "<div style=\"position:absolute; top:120px; left:25px;\">" + txt_3 + "</div>";
        dtUe += "<div style=\"position:absolute; top:145px; left:205px;\"><b>" + txt_4 + "</b></div>";
        dtUe += "<div style=\"position:absolute; top:145px; left:270px;\">" + 
        this.record.fields.GEZAHLT.replace('.',',') + "</div>"; 
        dtUe += "<div style=\"position:absolute; top:225px; left:25px;\">" + record.fields.VNAME + " " + 
        record.fields.ZNAME + "</div>"; 
	    dtUe += "</div>";
  	    field = dtUe;

With this i get the correct page-break, and the correct number of remittance carrier.
My mistake was the wrong use of position:relative and position:absolute.