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Banner Pages and Barcodes

I have jobs that uses an Output Preset with “Add Additional Content” to place a 2D Datamatrix barcode to control a folder/insert. The barcode uses the “page.nr” and various other variables to encode the page count and page number values.

Next, I need to add a “Banner Page” to print as the first sheet of the template, and this Banner Page isn’t considered part of the mailing. It’s an informational/instructional sheet. I can get it to print once per job by adding a “record.index” field to my data map and making the Print Section for the Banner Page conditional, to only print when RecordIndex = 1.

However, the pages of the Banner Page section are included as pages of the first document, and that throws off my barcode.

What is the proper technique of adding a conditional Banner Page to a template without it being considered part of a “Document”, or to make it its own “Document”?

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In my output preset, I would just insert a condition which prevents the barcode from printing on the first page (or the first sheet), which is the banner page (or sheet)

It’s not only the rendering of the barcode that’s the issue, it’s the page numbering in the Output Preset variables that are off.

You are allowed to write expressions there which account for the banner page and which calculate and yield the correct values for your barcode’s content and conditions. You may open a support ticket and submit a sample job if you are still having issues, but I think you can workout the actual values for your barcode by discounting the banner page.

Yes, and I worked those out prior to posting. This gets complex, a bit too complex for most of my users to maintain:

What I was hoping is for a Feature to have Print Sections marked as “Banner” and “Trailer”, and print sections so-marked to not effect the page and document counts.

If I am not mistaken, there is a feature request where the Slip Sheet in the separation option of the output preset could be used as banner page in future. You probably want to check with the support department if that feature will be helpful in your case. Reporting it through the support channel will be recorded and will help increase the priority of the request with the development team.

With that said, I would probably review these expressions and find ways to simplify or combine them. Note that you can write there a fully blown javascript expression with all the if/else conditions whilst alo declaring variables with the var keyword as long as your expression is within ${} and returns a valid string. But I would make sure to keep the expression as minified as possible. An example such expression can be seen in the following post: Designer Output Creation additional barcode (DataMatrix)