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Barcode position with Imposition

Hi there,

We try to 2 UP A4(3 mm bleed) sheets on the SRA3 sheet
Attached below is the setting for imposition and barcode

However , even if we try to set up the left 220 mm which still cannot push the barcode to the empty edge. And barcode will disappear if we put 225mm

Any suggestions regarding barcoding position with Impossitons ?

Can any one help?
Many thanks

Hi CainZ,

I had the same issue, I’ve got confirmation from OL/Upland support that it is not possible to place a barcode here outside the printable area at this point.

I have solved it by changing the page format in the template, skip the crop marks, and make sure no data will be at the edges. Place the barcode (now at the edge, which is now printable area) and trim it away later.

Other solution if you don’t need the metadata for your barcode is to run it twise though connect.
First for the normal output without the barcode, and later only to place the barcode, but this take twice as long, and i see in your code you need metadata inside your barcode.

Sorry no easy solution here.

Kind regards,
Dennis Kleijne

Your image shows the crop marks printing further out on the sheet than the barcode. Is your imposition sheet size accurate or are you actually printing on a larger sheet? Consider using a custom sheet size that is slightly larger if that is what you are actually printing on. If the crop marks are printing out further, you can put your barcode out further.