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Barcode/QR Code - Excel Formatting

I have a QR Code built but would like the data to scan into Excel in separate columns instead of one cell.

Any advice?

Thank you

Can you explain a little more your current process. You want to build your QR code based on many fields from an Excel sheet? Is the Excel sheet your incoming data or is it a lookup file?

I am putting a QR code on an invoice that I would like to scan into an Excel Spreadsheet. When I scan the QR code on the invoice it populates all the data (ie invoice #, customer name, address, city, state) in excel it just places it into one cell. I am trying to separate each of those into their own cell in the Excel spreadsheet

Look, on the computer where the scan occurs, in the Regional settings->Additionnal settings for the List separator.
Once you know it, try to add that separator in the QR code so it separate each value you wish into their own cell. Never tried that but it could work.

I have also read on the web that it is a feature that is programmable in the barcode scanner you use.

And also found that idea.

I will give it a try … thanks for the help