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Best practice - high volume


This week, we are going to install PReS Connect for a POC.

The client is a “printing office”. The have the following printers:

  • Océ Colorstream 3500.
  • Océ Colorstream 3200.
  • Océ 7400.

The input format will be PDF. The design will not be altered.
The Colorstreams should receive AFP and the 7400 PCL.

For this customer a high volume, high througput is very important.
Not having the printers for testing and not having a lot of experience with PReS connect suite, I was wondering what is the best practice would be in this scenario.

I thought using the All-in-one as the output of a workflow, would be the best way to go.
Set the datamapper and content to “None” and use the Job creation and Output creation (LPR Queue) to generate the printjob.

Any thoughts or additional tips on this approach?



Actually, in the upcoming 2021.1 release (currently scheduled for May), the Workflow’s data mapping task will offer the option of bypassing the content creation step when dealing with PDF input. The operation can then immediately skip to Job Creation and Output creation, bypassing the time-consuming Content Creation step.