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Big problems with additional barcode for shipping labels


we have a big problem with additional barcode for shipping labels in our invoices.
We started our planetpress-project wednesday last week, with no problems, and since yesterday especialy the external barcode disapears on each invoice which includes the external barcode.

The configuration of the external barcode is correct, and when I print a single invoice the barcode is also correct. When much invoices are running (about 50 in 10 minutes), we see that the external barcode is missing. All other barcodes are printed correctly.

I am sure that the designer template, the mapping, and the output-preset are correct.
Where should we start to solve this problem, because it is very urgend.

Many thanks



Hi NBecker,
The first thing I’d check are the PlanetPress Connect Workflow logs under C:\ProgramData\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Workflow 8\PlanetPress Watch\Logs to see if any errors are being produced during runtime.
Also, can you clarify what you are referring to by external barcode? Is this for example a 3 of 9 barcode created by an external system for an inserter?
Given that this is urgent I recommend raising a ticket with your local support team and send all of the files related to the job (template, datamapper, output preset and workflow) for investigation.

Best Regards

Justin Leigh
Technical Support (Asia Pacific)


Hi Justin,
the logs shows no errors, all plugins are completed successfully.
The external barcode is a code 128, and comes from the mapping data.
The code is created by an external ERP-System.
Together with the german support, we have used this external barcode, because the german post refused the acceptance of the 128 barcode created with the designer.

In the PDF-Output the barcode is created correctly.
The data for the barcode comes through document.metadata,

Best Regards