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Black in PDF output is not 100% (saturation)


I output pdf files on a Windows 10 machine with PrintShop Mail Connect 2023.1. In the Connect template there are only variables texts with black color.

So, in the output pdf the text should be in 100% black color but when printing it, the color is more like 80% black. Inspecting the pdf in Acrobat Pro the color is indeed not 100% black.

I tried the same template (and same output settings) in PrintShop Mail Connect 2023.1 on two other Windows 10 machines and there the output pdf is correct, all texts are in 100% black.

Does anyone have an idea why that happens and how I can fix it?


Hi Thomas, this sounds unusual and possibly outside of Connect. Maybe the default printer in Windows affects the color management of jobs? I’d recommend you open a support ticket and provide all resources you use to reproduce the issue, and samples of good and bad PDFs so we can investigate.