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Boolean Runtime Parameter

I seem to be having an issue where boolean runtime parameters are not parsed correctly.

The documentation for Create Print Content says:

Boolean values need to be entered as either “true” or “false”.

However, both “true” and “false” are evaluated as true. Interestingly, a blank value is evaluated as false.


Not Working:

Designer Template Parameters:

Control Script:

var section = merge.template.contexts.PRINT.sections['FAQs'];
if (!section) {
	throw "'FAQs' not found";

section.enabled = !merge.template.parameters.LetterOnly;

It appears there might be a discrepency between documentation and the actual behavior. It looks as though the underlying code uses “false” as a string and not as a boolean value. Which leads to this confusing behavior, because in JavaScript var bool = “false” is truthy because the string isn’t empty.

I will open a case internally so that the documentation is updated. In the mean time, please use an empty string for “false”. I understand that this is confusing for people who might not be fluent in JavaScript (and even then…), but changing the behavior of the software might lead to backward compatibility issues.

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I had similar issues. link