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Bottom Align QR Barcode

Trying to right and bottom justify a QR Barcode within a absolute DIV
Adding text-align-right: right the barcode will shift over, but can’t seem to get it to bottom justify.


Use CSS and set the bottom: 0; for the Barcode object within its DIV

I must be missing something


 .daBottom  {
    	bottom: 0;


<div id="barcodebot" class="daBottom" anchor="page_media_0"
style="width: 2in; height: 2in; position: absolute; left: 490.20000076293945px; top: 729.0000507629395px; overflow: visible; text-align: right; bottom: 0in; vertical-align: bottom;"
type="com.objectiflune.connect.addin.barcodes.qr" offset-x="528" offset-y="766.80005">

Sorry, thought you wanted to position your barcode from within another DIV…not the DIV of the barcode itself. The bottom will not work as the top is always added by the barcode object, but I found you a workaround. Right-click on the barcode and select Barcode…. Then set the Scale to Proportional. That’s forcing the bounding box to be the same size as the barcode. Actually, it is resizing the barcode to fit the size of the bounding box.

Okay, thanks… I thought I was going crazy.