Bulk "Send To Configuration"

I am rebranding 2 companies and have 60 Customer facing documents to modify. Cut Over is April 1. I have started staging the documents that i have changed in a folder. They will retain the same names as the old documents in PP 7 Configuration.

Question. I THINK that there is a way i can just copy the documents over to a directory March 31 and then update Configuration. I do not look forward to having to send each document individually from Design.
Can anyone verify my thoughts and give me the proper directory?

Thanks in Advance. Duane

From the PlanetPress Design tool, select the File > Batch Send To option. This will open up a wizard that allows you to select multiple files via a drag & drop interface and to send them all at once to a PlanetPress Workflow server.

WELL! Now I officially am embarrassed! I never noticed that in the list… Is there a practical limitation to how many designs can be sent at one time?
and , once again, Thank You Phil!

I don’t believe there is a limit.

I’ve had my share of duh! moments, if I were to feel embarrassed about them, I would never show myself in these forums… :stuck_out_tongue: