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Can I change the c:\programdata install location for workflow

I’m trying to install Workflow 8, and it asks me for a location to install. Since we try to keep our data disk seperate from our OS disk (due to virtualization flexibility), I’m trying to install my PP stuff on disk 1 (D:). Workflow asks me for an install location, and I specify it. It then installs the program there, but then puts a whole bunch of directories in c:\programdata\objectif lune\Planetpress workflow 8, including the default backup location, all the default workspace storage locations, and others.

How can I get Workflow to install all that stuff on my D:\ drive as well?

Hi Rick,

To change the working folders on Workflow 8 you should follow the instructions on the link below,


If you have any question else please let me know,

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Thanks Juan

Just a note on that article…apparently PP is up to V8WorkingDirectory.