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Can I sell my dongle?

My print operations will be closing down in March. Is it possible to sell my PrintShop Mail dongle? Also, if there is anyone in Oregon interested, I will have most of our printshop equipment for sale.


Is there a merger occurring in March?

If so, the dongle can be given to the incoming company.

If not, it wouldn’t be possible to sell the dongle as any new customer would have to take ownership and agree on a new Customer Care agreement with OL in order to use the product.

I hope this helps.

There is a merger of sorts. But it would require moving from a PC platform to a Mac. Is that possible for PrintShop Mail? In other words would the dongle and software work on a Mac, OS13 Ventura?

PrintShop Mail Suite is unfortunately not supported on MacOS 13 Ventura.

For your information: PrintShop Mail Suite 5.4 is the latest version supported on MacOS and is supported on MacOS 10.4.11 through 10.9.X only.

I do have a Mac available running OS 10.6.
Where I can down can I download PrintShop Mail Suite 5.4?
Will our dongle work with the mac?
And will I be able to use all the templates I have from the PC version?

Cheers & Thank You,

Hi Steve,

I need to lookup the area where it can be downloaded, we recently restructured our websites and this could be an oversight. To answer your last question, it is unfortunately not possible to use your PC templates in the Mac version and there is no option to convert/import them. At the time the dongles could be exchanged.