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Can you use a script to get the data sample file name as shown in the Data Samples window?

When a data file appears in the Data Samples window, you get the original file name

When you access the data filename via data.filename you get the temporary file store name.

Is there any way to access the original filename?

You’d have to assign %o (original file name system variable) to a variable in the workflow and pass that in. You could use a job info variable or a standard one.

More info on that here: https://learn.objectiflune.com/en-us/planetpress-connect/howto/passing-workflow-variables-to-designer

and here: https://learn.objectiflune.com/en-us/planetpress-connect/howto/variable-directory-in-output-preset

Thanks. I’m looking for an answer that doesn’t involve workflow. A data mapper solution.

Necroposting this thread to see if after 3 years there are new features in the software that can allow this.

Any news anyone?:pray:

Starting with the recently released version 2022.2 of OL Connect, the automation.properties.OriginalFilename property contains the name of the active sample data file.

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Thank you very much for the fanstastic update!