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Cannot Print and Got error in PlanetPress Workflow

I would like to print pdf files. But after “Printer using a Windows” step , I got below error.
I can save these pdf files in folder but cannot print them.
Normally, I can print with this printer but can’t print in PlanetPress.
Do I need to change any configuration? Please kindly advice .
Thank You in advance.

What’s happening here is that the metadata created by Connect is invalid for the Print using a Windows Driver plugin. This plugin is built to use pp7 templates and can accept the metadata generated by those forms. However, if metadata is present, it’s expecting certain fields and values to be present.

You’ve got a few options here. The simplest would be to simply delete your metadata just prior to the Print step. You’ll use a Metadata File Management step here and set it to delete.

Alternatively, you could print directly from the Connect Output preset.


Just choose the Windows Printer option within the Output Preset and then set your Create Output step in the workflow to output ‘as defined by output preset’. Remove the final step of Print using a Windows Driver.

Many Thanks. Got it. :slightly_smiling_face: