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Capture Dynamic Lines record for detail

Hi, would like to get some help on extract dynamic lines records which i cant able to extract a set of record.

Here is my flow

Please advise.

Thanks in advance

Hi Desmond, can you provide us with a bit more detail on what you are wanting to extract? Do you want to define a variable number of lines for extraction, or do you want to set up a variable extraction area?

Hi Justin,

I would like to capture the detail table in my invoice. This invoice consist of 7 column with 2 row records.

My issue was in the Invoice Description column. It contain multiple lines of values. Refer to yellow box.

Can guide me how to extract it?

Desmond Kuan

Obviously, you will need two Repeat.
First one goes through all your items of your invoice. Once in that Repeat, you will extract all the information of the first line of the items but for the description first line, you will Set your field Data Table to Record.detail.desciptionLines. This will create a new nested detail table named descriptionLines.

In the second Repeat, you will loop through all lines of your Description while you find nothing under the column No. That will mark the end of the Description column.

Thanks for recommendation. I got it

How was this detail table structure displayed, on the template? I have a similar need: a “multi-line” description field that wraps onto a variable number of lines under the parent line item record.

When I display the line items within a dynamic table, I need to display the description field, which will be all the fields in the record.detail.descriptions table.

Hi @TDGreer,

Can you please share a (anonymized) screenshot of the record lines and record detail lines which you would like to extract?