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centralize backround for many templates


I have to design lot of letters with same background (header, logo, page count, footer…), what is the best way too make just one background template/pdf or else with all that and use it for all letters ?

If we change logo on phone I don’t want to modify all my template letters, juste the template of PDF with background…


One way to achieve that could be to use virtual stationery, find in Media properties. It even allows to load a PDF from disc, so seems to be exactly what you need.

Ok but only with URL link I think, when I had a “disk” file it’s add on ressource folder so it’s not dynamic. I’m wrong ?

Yes you’re right, the PDF will be loaded into the template and hence gets not updated when it’s be modified.

But if you put a PDF on the master page you could use an URL to load it from disc like:

That way it gets updated automatically if you modify it on disc.

ok, that’s better for what I want to do.

Now what I’m looking for is how to make a template witch create a pdf with some standard information from the datamaper (name, address,…) and put this pdf for use for the next template that load it on background.

With workflow I think I can generate the background pdf on temp directory and send the name and location of the file to the next template ?

yes should work, but why not having all in one process then, so background and content in one template?

because I want to have juste one template with logo, adress box at the right place, city and date of the letter on an other box, signature and name of the author at the end of the letter. This will be generate at the beginning of workflow with informations from the xml, and use for lot of template letters after. Each workflow begin by generating standard template letter and continue with specific information on it with the second template…

May be there-is simple way ? I have one hundred letters to create…

And an other question : how to have on datamapper script the name of the xml file witch is parse by it ?

I found automation.properties.OriginalFilename but it’s empty on test, maye be not when it’s in workflow ?

no, don’t know a better way at the moment, and yes, automation.properties get filled from running in workflow.