Change ProgramData location away from c:


Is there a way to change where everything in C:\ProgramData\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Workflow 8\PlanetPress Watch\OLConnect\ gets saved to? It’s bad parctice to have programs writing large amounts of data to the c:\ drive and we’d like to move it to a seperate drive so if it does fill it doesn’t stop the main server OS? This folder on our current install is using over 30gb

Also did the option to change C:\Users\username\Connect\filestore get added as we have 2021.2 and I don’t remember seeing anything on the install?


Maybe this could help

yeah found that before, but when I clicked on the link in that but just came up with this:

JavaScript issue? :smile:

I could open it without a problem…

Try this link instead: HOWTO-1466: Changing Working Folders (

tried on a couple of machines and still the same. Will keep trying

Hi Phil, Just realised I’ve put this in planet pres, but we are using PReS connect. Is it still teh same as I can’t see anything in that doc about programdata?

The folder you are referring to ( C:\ProgramData\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Workflow 8\PlanetPress Watch\OLConnect\ ) contains the OL Connect resources used by Workflow to produce Connect Jobs (Data mapping configs, templates, etc). There’s an Archive Subfolder in there that maintains the list of the 30 last versions of each resource. These folders and their contents are unfortunately not configurable, but if, for instance, you don’t need the Archive folder, you could create a simple process that periodically empties it (or moves its contents elsewhere).

Another folder that may contain a lot of data is the C:\ProgramData\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Workflow 8\PlanetPress Watch\Log folder. And while you can’t change its location, you have better control over the size (and number) of files it stores. In the preferences (Plug-in|General), you can specify how many days of logging you want to keep. And in each process, you can tick the “Minimal logs on success” option which dramatically reduces the size of the logs (if the process runs without a hitch, barely nothing gets logged, but if there is an issue, then the full log is written as usual).

That link refers to PlanetPress Suite.Is there an up-to-date article for having alternate working directory/drive for Connect?

I’m getting errors in Weaver where output couldn’t be written out of the buffer because of insufficient storage. I’m assuming it’s using drive C:\ProgramData… or C:\users… for that. How do I change this to a different drive?

Most of the working files generated by OL Connect’s engines are stored under the %USERPROFILE% folder, so the only way currently to use a different drive or location is to change that default location, but that impacts all of that user’s files, not just Connect’s.

We plan on changing that in a future release, but it’s not on our immediate roadmap.

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Thank you. Please use this post as a “Feature Request” to make all install paths and working/data directories configurable, including the database!