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Changing Bleed in Control Script

I’ve noticed that you can change a context’s margin in a control script, but not the bleed. Any chance this might be updated at some point?

Where this would be a great feature is where some items are being printed on a shell and some are being printed digitally. We need the bleed for digital print but not for the shell printing.

Hi Nick,

I’ve created a feature request for this. We could handle this via a Control Script or perhaps making it an option for output creation as seen in Adobe products. In that case of the latter you could create content once and use a dynamically set output preset or branch to generate output. No eta yet. [Internal ref: SHARED-81877]


I had a look at the feature request that Erik created. There is no eta on that yet. But I thought it would be nice to know that it’s already possible to create output without the bleed by using impositioning: you can create a 1up imposition with exactly the intended media size.
So you can have a regular output preset that will include the bleed when printing, and another one that will imposition and effectively cut off the bleed. This allows you to create both kinds of output while doing content creation only once.