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Changing DataMappers in workflow

Is it possible to dynamically change which data mapper you want to use in a workflow? I have a COTG workflow up and running that generates a work order via the planet press printer. Customer has a couple other forms they would like to print to generate work orders too. Problem is the data (address’s names etc) are in different locations on the other documents. Same data different locations. I was thinking of grabbing the name off of the document than swapping the datamapper accordingly. Not finding a way to change the datamapper in the work flow.


Yes, you can. If you know the name of the datamapper that you wish to use up front, then just create a Local Variable and write to this prior to your Execute Data Mapping step to drive the datamapper that you select.

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Alternatively, from the sounds of things, it sounds like you could just have a condition in your datamapper to select the data from different places.

Either way, hope this helps.

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Perfect, thanks missed that one.