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Changing IP Address disrupts LPD input

I am blue in the face with this one. I needed to create some IP address space, and the ‘easiest’ was to change the machine PP is loaded on. When I debug and submit file to test, the test file performs the operation (add/remove text), and send to folder as text file. No big deal.

However, when I change the IP address of the server, it cannot find/get the LPD input sitting on the que. As soon as I change the IP address back, it picks off the que and performs the process.

I have done this before, and have searched for days but don’t remember how I did it…

Every time I swap back to original IP, it immediately connect to the print que and completes task. Every time I swap to new IP, it just hangs. uggh

Might be just me that doesn’t get it but since you changed the IP address where your Workflow Server (and by default the Workflow LPD Server) are, your sending queue (which is LPR) cannot reach your Workflow LPD Server because it is still pointing to the old IP.

It’s an AS400. There is no IP address, just a print Que name…

To a user it is just a queue name but there is an IP address define in the queue. I am currently trying to get my hand on some of our old documentation that explained how to define a queue on an AS400. Might not be up to date to latest version of AS400 but that might point you to the right direction.

We aren’t on the lastest version haha. I don’t know anything about it, but our resident operator says there is nothing in there about an ip address

Its a virtual print que as it doesn’t go to a physical printer.

Well it need to go somewhere. You can’t just send something acrross your network and hope that it will land the right recipient.

My Document (objectiflune.com)

Look at page 14. Hope that helps.