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Chart and table not showing in pdf but in shows in preview

Hi - I have a print section that when I am in designer preview mode the charts and table show as they should. However, when I run it through workflow or even do a print preview the table and chart does not display. I am thinking that there is some sort of code conflicts but I can not figure it out. Does anyone have any idea why this would happen. All other charts and tables in my template display with no issues.

Thank you

Hi ahadded,

It’s a bit difficult to be certain with just that information, your confident that your data should be generating the table correctly a quicktest you can try is adding a default table and seeing if that works as expected. If it does work then you can narrow it down to the specific tables you are using if it doesn’t then it’s more likely to be how the data is being mapped or potentially a control script or dynamic element issue. I’d also suggest contacting your local support team for further assistance with this.


Alex Banahene