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Check Access Rights to File/Directory in workflow

Hi There,

I am wondering if there is an existing plug-in in the workflow to check Access Rights to File/Directory to control the users.

If not, is there a sample coding to do the same with vb script?



There’s nothing of that sort in Workflow, but it’s not possible to provide any sample code without first knowing a bit more about what you’re trying to achieve.
What do you want to check exactly? Do you want to know if a particular user has read/write rights to a certain folder? How is the user name or ID specified? Is there an Active Directory Server involved or simply a machine-level user? What kind of values would you expect to receive from this directory access check?

Thanks Phil for the response.

We usually authorize the users to use the web form by setting up the security access in SQL server side when the workflow generates the data file.

However, our new payroll cheques project doesn’t generate any data file. The data file (text format) has been created externally from workflow by another application. We would like to set up the security access via the permission of the data file.
Ideally, we will have the network administrators to grant certain windows permission for those users at the end of the data file location; at the same time, we would like to check the windows user id and their password (authentication) at the workflow end with a piece of vb script and to authorize the users certain functions.

Of course, if there is a simple authentication and authorization mechanism in the Planet Press workflow, please let me know.



The NodeJS Server Input allows you to configure an Active Directory server against which incoming users have to be authenticated.

When web users attempt to access a process that starts with a NodeJS Input, the authentication kicks in and the users are required to enter their credentials. If they are valid, then the process is allowed to go through and it can double check in the request file who the user is. From there, you could possible create conditions that determine if that user is allowed to access a specific file or folder, but you would probably have to script it in some way because Workflow does not deal with file/folder perissions at the individual user level.

Thanks a lot, Phil. I will try to build an authentication and authorization mechanism with vb scripting.