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Clean-up Service don't purge the folder connect\filestore

Hello, the folder connect\filestore is increasing in size and clean-up service is active.
I click Run Now and it doesn’t empty this folder either.
Is it safe to manually delete the files in this folder?
Why doesn’t the clean-up service purge this folder?
Thank you very much!

If you’re using the File Store - Upload File plugin in workflow, you must keep track of those files yourself and clean them as needed. This could be achieved by storing the Filestore ID in the workflow repository and periodically checking the age of the files. Anything that’s old enough can then be deleted using the File Store - Delete File plugin

Tanks AlbertsN, but we don’t use * File Store - File upload plugin *.
The folder we need to purge is C:\Users\userplanet\Connect\filestore which has 78590 files and 30GB~

How old are they? Are they actually old enough to be targetted by the cleanup service? I could see this location having a large amount of data in it if you’re running a lot of large jobs constantly. It’ll continuously clear out the oldest stuff, but your average data storage is going to be higher than if you’re running smaller jobs less frequently.

One thing that might be confusing (I know I was :wink: ) is that clicking Run Now will run the scheduler right now BUT it will still respect the age defined for each file. What I mean is that if all the files haven’t yet reach the “age” defined in your settings, clicking Run Now won’t have any effect.