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Colors in Capture On The Go

Is there a way to differentiate with colors the documents in the cotg library? Description, name, etc.

Thank you

Can you be more specific at what exactly you want?

If it is only to give more importance to some than others, you could do something similar by adding a icon or logo for the document when you generate the link.

In Connect Workflow, through the Output to Capture OnTheGo plugin, Deposit tab, Cover Image: field, you can select an image that will show in the library as an icon for each document. Since the field in in maroon, which indicates it can have a dynamic value, you could set it up to be dynamically changing based on the document.

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Besides the icon, the only thing you can do to make some documents stand out (marked with a red flaq) at the top of the document list is to specify a name containing a hashtag followed by a keyword.
For instance:

The hashtag will actually be stripped out by the application so the document name will be displayed simply as Delivery with a red flag next to it, and it will appear at the top of the list.

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