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Conditional Script

When using a conditional script within designer, how do I use the “Case insensitive” checkbox? It stays greyed-out, no matter what I do.
Obviously, I can expand the script and edit the condition as javascript, but I’m trying to use the standard facilities where possible.

Can you tell us what version of Connect you are using? I am running the latest 2019.2 and cannot reproduce your behaviour…

I will upgrade.

I just checked and this was implemented in 2018.1, and no changes have been made to the functionality since then (nor have there been any reports about any related issue). I doubt very much that upgrading from 2019.1 to 2019.2 will change anything, but hey, it can’t hurt to try.

@stuart-gascoigne: have you tried this with a brand new template, just for the heck of it?

I think I’ve found the cause. (I haven’t upgraded yet).
The data fields that I am using are all of type “HTML String”, mostly because this is the default type offered by the datamapper.
If the field type is HTML string then the case insensitive option is greyed out.
If I change the data type to string, the option becomes available.
Not sure why a HTML string comparison must be case sensitive, but that’s the cause.

We’ll investigate this as there is no good reason for an HTML string to be case sensitive.
HTML itself is not case-sensitive, unless the file is specified as an XHTML document, in which case element names are case-sensitive. But data-mapped fields are not XHTML (or at least, they shouldn’t be!).

Thanks for finding the cause!

For reference, I have created an internal ticket for this issue: SHARED-74970.