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Connect 2020.1 Installation Issues

Well my record is still at 100%: never had a single Connect installation or update work right.

How long should I wait on this screen? It’s been about 10 minutes frozen at this stage:

Second attempt, the freeze up happens earlier:


Had to reboot, the installer caused Windows Explorer to freeze. Ran the OLConnectInstallationRemover.exe tool I was provided several failed isntallations ago.

Now the freeze happens on this screen. The installer won’t let me pick any of the products, and goes into “Not Responding” when I try:


Hi Thomas,
That screen should go away almost immediately after you select Next. Normally I’d suggest checking the log files under C:\Users{user}\Connect\logs\Installer (Where {user} represents the directory named after the current logged in user) for clues, but it doesn’t look like it even gets to the stage where it would create the logs.
If the installation fails once and then you try to install again it can compound the problem. I’d recommend getting in touch with your local OL Support department as they have various recommendations for removing residual Connect installation files and can also remote into your system and run through the installation with you to make sure it works.

Best Regards

Justin Leigh

I’ve had two or three support tickets already in the past. All the same issues, no resolution. The installer freezes at some point or throws -DUSER errors. Every time, it requires a complete un-install and starting from scratch.