Connect and Enfocus Switch

Hello community…

Is there anyone out there using Connect Workflow and Enfocus Switch together via API ?

We use both applications extensively and I have started to try and get the two to work together, using Enfocus Switch for file onboarding, submission and job status functionality as well as a bit of preflight , and Connect to do its magic… passing files backwards and forwards using hot folders.

Both are really great tools, and love em both… I was wondering if anyone uses them and if so, have you had any joy with API’s ?

Many thanks in advance, no rush just a bit of a hobby project


I don’t have any experience with Enfocus Switch, but glancing over at their REST API, interfacing with it should be fairly straightforward via the Workflow Scripting task.

Fetching info from a REST API looks something like this:

var xhr = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");"GET", "", false);
xhr.setRequestHeader("auth_token", "!SOME_TOKEN!");
var response = xhr.responseText;

Thanks Phil,

will have a play see what we can come up with, like I said its just a hobby project

Best Regards